All about Carmen

Before becoming a mom I knew it was what I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to have children but I never imaged I would be married with five children.

I have started to blog about my parenting experiences and the things that make our family a little “crunchy”.

Follow our family on this wonderful journey we call life!!

Pregnancy and Parenting Rescources

newborn baby

From the moment you decide you are ready to have a baby so much changes. You being to do research on the latest baby products from strollers and cribs to the best breast pump on the market.

We ask our friends and family for the best place to give birth, we look to see if the provider we want is in network. We start looking into all of our options but what if you could have a checklist that is homebirth/midwife friendly?

I have created a checklist not only for a hospital birth but for those of us who are planning to give birth at a birth center or at home.

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Cloth Diapers

cloth diapers

Have you ever wondered about cloth diapers?

I can promise you, these aren’t your grandmothers cloth diapers, unless you want them to be because then we can find you those too. I have put together a resource guide to help you on the journey through cloth diapers.

Included in the guide will be how to get started along with the different types of cloth diapers, storage during and after use, and tutorials.


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