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Over the years since launching A Side of Crunchy, we have grown in so many ways. We started with just offering doula services and have since grown to offer placenta services, belly casting, informational classes, product reviews and so much more.

Our family is not your average family and via our blog, we are able to share our experiences with you. These include cloth diapers, babywearing, essential oils and more. In 2017 I gave birth unassisted, which opened my eyes to how incredible we are and how much knowledge can be held back. Because of that experience, unassisted pregnancy and birth are discussed and support with our services.

We want you to have the best possible birth and the way to make that happen is knowing your options. I would love to meet with you for a free consultation.

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About Carmen

I am a mother of soon to be 6 wonderful children and wife spending most of my days doing research on pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I loved my pregnancy and birth experiences and seeing the difference each pregnancy can bring to the same person. After the birth of our daughter Faith I began my journey towards becoming a doula. I was blessed to attend births with a midwife while living in Florida and now that I live in Clarksville I bring that knowledge with me.


Birth Services

Getting birth support means complete support and advocacy through your informed labor & delivery, whether it be at home, birth center or hospital.

Placenta Services

The placenta is the tree of life, the organ that provided your child with nutrients and sustainable life whilst they were in your womb.  Offering Encapsulation, Tinctures, Placenta Prints, and more!

All Other Services

From belly casting to birth affirmations and beyond check out all additional services I offer and the list will continue to grow based on the need and desire of the community.

Finding Support

It can seem overwhelming with all the groups on social media to find the best one for your family. We have created one we think you will love. We welcome you to join.

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