Doterra Essential Oils

If you have looked around my site you have seen me mention essential oils a few times. I use them from cleaning my home, to getting rid of fevers and even uplifting my mood. My co-workers even get to join in on the fun when I diffuse at work. I love being able to learn and share the knowledge I have of essential oils with those who just aren't aware or maybe wouldn't try for the fear that they aren't effective. If you know about essential oils or want to give them a try send me an email to asideofcrunchy@yahoo.com.

My goals and wishes.

When I started my first blog I just wanted a place to share my ideas. I really didn't know where I was going to take it and just went where the wind blew me. This time around I want a place for everyone to feel comfortable but specially my crunchy families. There are so many sites for you to find pro-vaccines, pro-circumcision, and other mainstream ideas but what about when your views don't align? Are you still welcome? Do you feel comfortable speaking openly?

My goal is simple to have somewhere we can all come together and relax, to talk about the topics we care about. My wish is for everyone who joins us to be respectful that being crunchy is not a one size fits all. We all have view that make us crunchy and that is ok.


Cloth Diapers

I came across cloth diapers back in 2008 while pregnant with Faith but it wasn't until I was pregnant with Aria that I really understood they didn't need to be some complicated as in the "olden days". I started by buying a few different brands still not sure which ones would be the best ones for us and using Michael who all I wanted was for him to potty train. By the time Brooklyn came I was a "pro" I knew which brand I loved but little did I know there is so much more to learn about. Follow my journey in the world of cloth diapers. Learn about the best wash and sanitizing routines and who know you might just become a "pro" like me.

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As a mom who has been breastfeeding on and off over the past eight years I have always found a great support team but that  doesn't always happen with everyone. This year I went back to work full time, in an office which went I would need to pump to keep up with my supply. Over the last 6 months of pumping not a moment has gone by that I haven't worried that my supply wasn't enough or that I may need to supplement if my supply dropped. Lets talk about the first days of breastfeeding into the weaning days.

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To me the discussions over vaccines tend to become very heated. Its difficult to bring up the topic because you never know how the person will react. I mean in one hand you may have someone completely understand or agree with you while on the other hand you may have just ended a friendship you thought was strong than that.

Over the years I have made and lost friends. I have kicked out of physicians offices and met some amazing doctors who agree with me. They have shown me articles and pointed me in a direction I may have not found on my own. For those of us who are looking for more information, who would like to met others with likeminded ideas, we are here. So kick off your shoes, grab a glass of wine and let's talk.

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