Everything you need to know on postpartum hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage is certainly a valid fear of many women, especially women that are choosing to birth unassisted. The best way to squash fear is with education. So let’s analyze how rare true hemorrhaging is and how to handle it…

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How to understand the stages of labor

How many labor stages do you think there are? If you answered four then you are correct. Each and every labor stage is part of having a successful birth and recovery. While you may experience a little different from one person…

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Everything you’ll need to know about the placenta

I have been a little MIA on posting because well mama needed a metal break. This post we will discuss everything placenta. For the common birth setting our society has built the placenta is only used to provide nutrients while the…

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What have you Neglected in your Unassisted birth?

It’s a funny question to ask, “What have you neglected in planning for your unassisted birth?”  Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to place any guilt trip on anyone’s shoulders. Rather, I like to take a look at questions…

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What herbs should you have on hand for your birth?

Herbs during pregnancy, birth and postpartum having many benefits but before we get started me let me remind you that we are not a medical provider and the information shared here is from personal experience. Before you start, stop or…

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How to determine what birth supplies you’ll need

your birth supplies will vary on the birth you have. unassisted birth. water birth. home birth. land birth.

Birth supplies may differ from one family to another depending on the birth you plan for; land birth or a water birth. The supply list we created below will cover things to have on hand for mom and baby. Additionally,…

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