Home Life

Our home life

Our life is just like any other, right? We try to do what is best for our family. We remind ourselves that what works for our family may not for another.

In our family, we *try* to live as true to ourselves as possible. We eat healthy meals but sometimes we eat out. We don't vaccinate and stay away from modern medicine as much as possible. Our children use cloth diapers and we do BLW (baby led weaning). We wear our babies using carriers and now we homeschool.

What to expect!

Here you'll be able to find information about essential oils, BLW, cloth diapers, babywearing, and so much more. We will share tips and tricks as well as resources you can use in your everyday life.

Do you have something you want to be covered? A topic that interests you? Send us an email to asideofcrunchy@yahoo.com we would be happy to cover it for you!