Possible controversial topics

Admittedly, the subject content of this blog is, in our day and age, somewhat controversial. Were you to poll 1,000 people on the street about their gut reaction to the idea of a close friend or family member intentionally birthing at home without a medical professional…? Chances are you would receive strongly negative responses numbering in the high 900s. But does a strong consensus really mean this type of birth should not be allowed as an option if a woman wants to choose it?

What if you were to ask the same question to 1,000 people 300 years ago? Who knows? Maybe 900+ of them would still respond negatively. I’m willing to guess their reasons would be different. Perhaps they would not be angry at the woman for the choice, but would wish for her a midwife, some neighbor women, or a doctor would be close enough to fetch if she had trouble.

Let us please remember that the choices in birth ebb and flow through the span of time. Not every option is available for every woman. There is definitely injustice and an inherent unfairness to life. We are here to encourage a woman if she chooses this type of birth in spite of all other options. Therefore, if you wish to speak out against any of the views or choices presented here on this site, please remember to be kind and avoid harshness.

Nobody responds better to a slap-on-the-face than they would to a gentle word of advice. For those ladies who have come here wishing for a place to learn and share ideas and knowledge about the kind of birth they are planning ANY words meant to dissuade their choice and encourage medical care MUST be spoken with love, care, concern, and kindness. They must also have sound advice and detailed reasoning, or they will fall upon deaf ears.

We welcome different voices and even opposing opinions to be shared, but please remember, “In all we say, let us be kind.”


I have been doing some research and our friends at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised their guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials and in order to protect our family and the public from any intentionally errant or misleading advertising that has been paid for by a company or group. Since this blog is a source of income for me and may occasionally incorporate endorsement or testimonials, we felt it was important to disclose the following to our readers;

While the content of our blog is a source of income for us and therefore may be used to promote products, services and other business. We will only choose products we feel comfortable sharing and feel would be a great benefit to our readers. The products and services are being given to use free of charge with no cost to ourselves. That doesn’t mean we will give a good review if we do not like the product or service.

You can trust that the opinion you see, hear and read is the honest, genuine opinion of our family regardless of our partnership with the service provider and/or receiving payment to do so.

Our number one priority is be honest and fair with our readers, and we would never compromise the truth for a few dollars, I’d rather find another product for you to love. We will NEVER trade a quick buck over our readers trust!

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Comment Policy

A few words to remind us all, Be Kind! I know that the topics I will cover not everyone will agree with but these our my opinions or the opinions of our family. If I am talking about the benefits of breastfeeding don’t feel like I don’t understand not all women can’t or just don’t want to. There is no reason to bring down anyone for doing what they feel is best for their family. We all just want to do what we feel is best. I welcome everyone to be part of this community to follow us and our topics on social media and join the conversation. The blog won’t be successful without everyone here reading! All I ask is for you to be respectful!

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on July 10th, 2018. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at contact@asideofcrunchy.com.