Homeschool Life

Starting our journey

If you are reading this particular message then we are giving our intent notice to our school district. We are just getting started but it wasn't something I just woke up and decided. I knew I wanted to do this for years. I just needed to find the right moment.

I know you are probably thinking how is the moment you knew not the right time? Well, I am still a working parent, we both are. I am now a work from home mom with set hours but they will still allow me to homeschool the kids and teach them in a way customized to their needs.

Our kids are not one size fits all, they can't all be taught the same lessons at the same pace. Our kids were born unique and should remain unique.

Homeschool styles

During my search, I have learned there are several ways to homeschool.

  • Classical Homeschooling
  • Unit Studies
  • Charlotte Mason Method
  • Unschooling
  • Moore Formula
  • Waldorf Homeschooling
  • Computer-Based Homeschooling
  • Eclectic Homeschooling

I took a test to find my teaching style and discovered I am an eclectic homeschool which means we use a little of this and a little of that. We will be doing a bit of Charlotte Mason and unit studies to start off and taking some time to deschool. This will allow our children the opportunity to adjust from public school to homeschool.

Our homeschool journey and how we got started.