Placenta Encapsulation- Deposit


My Basic Placenta Package starts at $150 for capsules and a complementary umbilical cord keepsake.

I also offer tinctures and placenta print.

All other services vary!

Payment Schedule: $50 as a deposit, balance due by 36 weeks you choose how to make those payments all payments will be made online. This allows friends and family to gift you with my services.


Placenta use goes far beyond encapsulation! Raw and frozen smoothies, sautees, soups, casseroles, tinctures, lotus birthing, ceremonial burying, cosmetic applications, jewelry and even, placenta art!

The placenta holds an incredible supply of hormones and nutrients that many women utilize to ward off baby blues, hair loss, reduce lochia (postpartum bleeding), boost energy and milk supply. There are few instances in which a mother should be discouraged from consuming her placenta, in which case, alternative methods can be used, such as listed above!

I follow the Traditional Chinese Method of placenta encapsulating and only use sterile equipment whilst doing so, for safety purposes.

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